Impact Sourcing

ADEC Kenya believes in the power of Impact Sourcing to provide deserving individuals the opportunity to train for their first job, empowering them to start a long-lasting career which can improve the quality of their lives. 

For organisations, the adoption of the impact sourcing model strengthens corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives which involve community development, the environment and human rights by utilizing an untapped talent pool of people which impacts these individuals and their communities as this can lead to stronger communities along with the creation of potential new markets on purchasing certain products that will increase livelihoods.

Aside from the humanitarian and public relations components of impact sourcing, a business can also experience additional benefits which may include lower attrition rates of as much as 40 percent than what they have experienced within their industry in the past. There is also an air of increased employee commitment and productivity as the opportunities offered to individuals within the impact sourcing model empower these individuals. 

Come and utilize our solutions to help you optimize and improve your business performance while also impacting the lives.