ADEC Kenya to Spearhead ITO-BPO Council

ADEC Innovations 30 June 2017

ADEC Kenya to Spearhead ITO-BPO Council

We picked the right place in which to establish our initial presence in Africa when we decided to establish ADEC Kenya. However, our mission in Kenya goes beyond establishing ADEC Innovations’ presence in the country. What we want is to really grow the industry because we see Kenya as a truly fertile ground for business process outsourcing (BPO). With ADEC Innovations taking the lead, we can make Kenya the central BPO hub in the African continent.

What we envision right now is collaborating with other BPO providers in the country and creating a national trade association for the BPO companies in Kenya that will function as a specialist investment promotion agency. We’re laying the groundwork for this, and we’ll be sure to keep the rest of the ADEC Innovations community posted.

With hard work and a little bit of luck, we intend to take a leadership role in this huge initiative that will create jobs, raise awareness about the industry’s potential, create an enabling environment for businesses and support small to medium-sized enterprises through linkages.

How do we intend to do it? A lot depends on the commitment we can secure from other BPO providers in the country. But initially, our agenda will include establishing a shared industry-wide platform for skills upgrading and capability development, promoting Kenya and its BPO industry to foreign investors, and working closely with the government to optimize industry–related regulatory policies.

All this is exciting work! We can’t wait to start.