Our e-Learning solutions lead to less cost, faster content delivery, more effective learning

Recognized as an innovator in the educational services industry, ADEC Kenya provides customized e-Learning solutions in both academic and corporate settings to help facilitate effective learning, whether in instructor-based, computer-based, or blended learning modalities, our e-Learning conversion of traditional classroom-based instruction has been a bonus to many global organizations seeking to address their need for affordable, large-scale and effective training. Our enhancement of the classroom with our e-Learning management system and distance learning platform opens many possibilities for educational institutions in their efforts to improve student performance. 

We are a key player and leader in providing creative and scalable learning solutions for diverse institutions, organizations, professionals and students. We address your unique needs through our various e-Learning solutions including curriculum design and e-Learning content development; certifications, simulations and assessments; learning management systems; mobile learning systems; and content conversion.

We provide you with the right educational and training solutions that boost learner engagement that cultivate holistic development.