ADEC Innovations to Pursue Business Opportunities in the 3rd Nairobi Cultural Festival in Kenya

ADEC Innovations 19 April 2015

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Nairobi, Kenya – April 19, 2015 – As part of its commitment on becoming a global leader in environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions, ADEC Innovations, in partnership with the National Museums of Kenya (NMK), participates in the third Nairobi Cultural Festival to further expand its business network and create more opportunities and partnerships with local and international organizations. The event, with the theme "World Heritage – World Unity,” serves as a platform for local and international visitors to present and appreciate their diverse cultural heritage as well as their common aims and goals. It is also a venue for commercial, social, and political opportunities for the people and organizations attending the event.

Besides being a leading provider of customized onshore and offshore outsourcing solutions in Kenya, ADEC Innovations has focused on making a difference in the important issues of today – sustainability, healthcare and education. Led by its President and Chief Executive Officer, James Donovan, ADEC Innovations has redefined and revolutionized the environmental, social and governance performance for businesses, public organizations and educational institutions. With its core brand offering—industry expertise, data management and technology services—ADEC Innovations provides tailored and fully integrated solutions that improve organizations’ operational efficiencies and optimize their sustainable use of resources while ensuring long-term financial viability.


Companies tend to get pressured to maximize profits and minimize cost while driving efficiencies throughout the process. ADEC Innovations offers integrated consulting, software, and business process and data management services to improve a company’s sustainability performance.

In the area of sustainability, ADEC Innovations combines consulting, program management and software services with expertise in back-office data processing to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective sustainability solutions that improve financial and environmental performance.

Sustainability Workbench is a tool created by ADEC Innovations that delivers a suite of ESG applications that can obtain these measurements. It is a highly scalable, customizable and robust software-as -a-service (SaaS) that helps organizations and communities to reduce their operational costs while improving their sustainability performance.


Every year, organizations experience increased pressure to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. Streamlining a business’ process allows an organization to focus on its strength and core competencies, maintaining its competitive edge. ADEC Innovations helps address this problem with their wide-range of comprehensive and scalable business solutions that are matched to address an organization’s specific needs.

Launched in 2014, ADEC Kenya is an expert in bringing cost-effective onshore and offshore BPO solutions globally. ADEC Innovations, through ADEC Kenya, foresees continued growth and development in the outsourcing industry that can help establish Kenya’s place in the global business community. Strategically located south of Kenya’s central business district, ADEC Kenya has become a trusted business partner and one of the leading pioneers in outsourcing in the country and in the African continent.

Knowledge Management

Many educational and training institutions today face increased pressure to deliver service at a lower cost. ADEC Innovations through its knowledge management arm, creates synergistic learning solutions and provides custom curriculum design, content development and digitization, deployment of learning management systems, and so much more, all based on cost-effective models. With ADEC Innovations’ distance learning platform, a company can easily implement a training program on a global scale, with learners accessing their lessons any time, any place – very convenient for organizations with satellite locations within the locale, region or the globe.

ADEC Innovations, through its member company A-Plus Languages, also offers globally recognized language learning programs specializing in top spoken languages such as Mandarin, Spanish, English and others. More importantly, ADEC Innovations is an advocate of online education through leading-edge technology that enables educators and trainers to empower their students and transform them into globally competitive professionals.

With events like the Nairobi Cultural Festival and the help of partner institutions like the National Museums of Kenya, ADEC Innovations wishes to reach more parts of the globe to share their expertise in providing innovative solutions, and more importantly, bring success to other organizations.