ADEC Kenya and Vision 2030

ADEC Innovations 15 July 2017

When we were considering which country to choose to become the location for ADEC Innovations’ delivery center in Africa, we ultimately decided on choosing Kenya for a number of logical reasons—and no rationale validates our choice more than the fact that Kenya has a solid national vision.

Leadership is the most important factor that can influence economic development, and the strength of Kenya’s leadership is in full display with Kenya Vision 2030. As a blueprint for long-term national development, it covers three pillars—
economic, social and political. It is quite interesting that the plan’s economic pillar emphasizes the potential of the Information Technology – Business Process Management (IT-BPM) industry.

This is where ADEC Kenya comes in. The national government understands that it can leverage its demographic and educational assets to fuel accelerated growth in its IT-BPM industry, and in order to do that, it needs organizations like us to support this vision. After all, ADEC Kenya has the IT-BPM expertise to provide back-office outsourcing services to global organizations, and each organization that invests in us—in effect—invests in Kenya. Their confidence in us translates to confidence in Kenya. In addition, every professional we train in our best practices in order to deliver world-class services to global clients can be considered as an investment in the enhancement of the Kenyan workforce.

What this creates is a virtuous cycle that creates opportunities for everyone—for Kenya, for us and for our global clients. While we are in Kenya for business, we certainly have a keen appreciation for Kenya Vision 2030’s social and political agenda. A secure environment is important for avoiding operational disruptions that are detrimental to consistent growth. A stable political environment that takes accountabilty seriously is, metaphorically speaking, rich soil where thousands of economic opportunities can bloom. It creates an enabling environment where global confidence in Kenya translates to more business opportunities for ADEC Innovations.

With Kenya Vision 2030, we can have this enabling environment, and we are more than happy to do our part in supporting this national plan.