Taking Advantage of the Booming Market

ADEC Innovations 15 June 2017

Taking Advantage of the Booming Market

ADEC Innovations has been in Kenya for more than a couple of years now—and we are proud to let the community know that our presence is stronger than ever. We have big plans for ADEC Innovations in the African continent, and we are on track in meeting our objectives.

When we decided to start our operations in Kenya, we considered a lot of different factors, but it all came down to some really good things about the country. The human resource pool has a lot of potential. Kenya produces 100,000 graduates per year, of which 30% are IT graduates. The literacy is also high, at over 87%. Also, English is an established second language here.

Today ADEC Kenya, continues to grow strong as a delivery center. Our assessment of the human resource pool in Kenya was accurate. The strength of our Kenyan professionals combined with our information technology assets give us the capability to deliver the kind of customtailored, quality service that our clients look for in a data management partner.

As ADEC Kenya continues to gain and serve more clients, we are bolstering our learning and development programs in order to build our strength by acquiring and training the right people. We grow by leaps and bounds, and ADEC Kenya is at this point fully capable of working with the other global ADEC Innovations delivery centers on projects being implemented for some of the biggest global brands.